A/C Coils

Aligned with quality assured company that provides complete designing and production of comprehensive varieties of HVAC coils, customized to the customer’s unique requirements.

Customize to match the intended use of Condenser Coils, Evaporator Coils, Chilled Water Coils in Air-Conditioners for residence, office buildings, high rise apartments, shopping malls, airports, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals and other various industries.

Coils manufactured and offered with a wide range of fin and tube materials, and designs with various thicknesses. More communally materials offered, copper, aluminium and pre-coated aluminium fins can be selected. For the tubes they can be constructed utilizing Copper, Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cupro Nickel and Aluminium brass to fit within the requirements of various functions and applications.

Coils manufactured for various applications include
  • Various types of refrigerants (Condenser and Evaporator coils)
  • Various types of liquids (Chilled water / glycol coils and Hot water / glycol coils)
  • Various types of fluids (Steam coils and air charge coils)
  • Various types of fluid mixtures and chemicals (Heating and cooling coils)

Industrial Coils

Our supplier produces a wide variety of water and fluid coils for numerous HVAC & R applications and Industrial purposes. Custom design coils for any fluid including refrigerants, oils, antifreeze, thermal oils and other solutions to meet customer’s unique conditions.

All the coils design selections are optimized using a specialist AHRI- certified (American – Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute) software package. This ensures the customers receive optimum performance for size characteristics, helping to deliver cost effective solutions.

With our wide ranges of fin patterns, tube sizes & patterns, coils can either be uniquely designed to maximize performance at minimal cost or designed as a direct replacement unit without affecting existing client designs.

Protective Coating

For aggressive environments, a number of Protective Coatings to enhance the life of its coils including Condensers & Evaporators which includes,

  • Thermoguard
  • Heresite

These coatings have a High Durability and have Protective Factors to deal with the severe Atmospheric changes, on shore as well as offshore. Air conditioning can consume 60% of the electricity in an average office building, if coils are not protected from corrosive elements, operating costs will accumulate rapidly.

Thermoguard (T.G. Coating) offers a wide range of product applications to increase the corrosion resistance of HVAC & R units and other coils. The capacity of a heat exchanger originates from the absorption or rejection of heat from the aluminium / copper finned surfaces.

The coolant travels through the copper or other tubes transporting the heat throughout the system. When corrosion is present, it deteriorates the finned surface area and/or the bonding between aluminium fins and copper tubes (known as galvanic corrosion), therefore the capacity of the heat exchanger can deteriorate substantially.

Some Advantages of T.G coatings are
  • Less Dirt Adhesion & High corrosion resistance
  • No microbial, Aluminium or galvanic Corrosion & No fungi growth
  • Minimum influence on K-Value & Temp resistance –30⁰ C to 180⁰ C
  • Droplets shed off more easily & so Less frequent cleaning
  • Non-poisonous micro biocide
  • Minimum influence on Δ P
  • Prevents bad odours & growth of mold

Product Design

Custom build Plate & Bar service available with quick lead-times, ask about our "EXPRESS SERVICE"