Aluminium Radiators

Thermpro offers a wide range of brazed aluminium radiator configurations and options. For small individual coolers to heavy duty bar and plate construction and plastic tank radiators, we can adopt the right design for your mobile plant and equipment and industrial applications. In cooperation with engineering teams aids continually developing additional fin and tube geometries to improve heat transfer efficiency so we can meet or exceed your expectations.

All aluminium radiators offer a cost effective, lightweight solution for High Performance, stationary and mobile equipment applications. Radiators be manufactured with multiple fin and tube geometries

    • Wide range of tube sizes and row depths
    • Range of external fins to suit different environment conditions
    • Can utilize welded aluminium fabricated tanks, pressed or cast depending on volume

Brazed Bar and Plate Radiators

Fins are bars are packed between aluminium braze sheets and fitted with header and face bars. Plate and bar coolers are placed into brazing furnaces where precise control of time and temperature produces a unified core. Extrusions based on each customer’s particular piping or fixing requirements are welded into place to complete the radiator.

  • Used for heavy duty mobile and industrial applications
  • Features options for a wide variety of thermally efficient internal and external fin geometries to suit application
  • Rugged construction for harsh environments
  • Wide range of core configurations and sizes to custom design a product solution for your exact requirements
  • Can be manufactured as Combi coolers, incorporating air-water, air-air and air-oil

Product Design

Custom build Plate & Bar service available with quick lead-times, ask about our "EXPRESS SERVICE"