Radiator Assemblies

Copper-Brass Commercial Radiators

Radiators designed and manufactured utilizing solder on brass tanks or bolt-up style steel tanks with a vast range of core configurations, tube sizes, fin styles for a broad range of applications. Flexible tube rows and fin styles for standard or increased performance options within standard tank design.

Bolt-up Radiators and Cores

Additional range of bolt-up style radiator assemblies and cores manufactured to customer
requirements with an array of fin and tube options.

Plastic Copper Radiators

Utilizing a wide variety of now readily available plastic tanks for an array of radiator applications, we have the manufacturing flexibility to provide cores utilizing tabbed headers with either, aluminium or copper construction in conventional CT style, flat fins or Square wave.

Plastic Aluminium Radiators

Thermpro offers a wide range of plastic aluminium brazed aluminium radiator configurations and options. From small generator to large, on-highway highway trucks and construction equipment. We are able to adapt the right design for your application. In cooperation with product development and engineering teams aids continually developing additional up to date fin and tube geometries to help improve heat transfer efficiency.

On highway truck radiators are now being offered utilizing hour glass tube design providing increased fin to tube thermal conductivity and waved headers in place of tabbed.

All Aluminium Radiators

All aluminium radiators offer a cost effective, lightweight solution for High Performance, stationary and mobile equipment applications. Radiators be manufactured with multiple fin and tube geometries.

The Thermpro Product Solution

  • Can be custom designed to suit your application
  • Wide range of size options
  • High-efficiency louvered, flat fins or Square wave fins for anti-clogging
  • Variety of automotive or heavy industrial core options suitable for an array of environments
  • Fins available in aluminium, copper, brass and steel
  • Tanks manufactured using Plastic, Brass or steel tanks, utilizing injection, fabricated or pressed based on volume

Product Design

Custom build Plate & Bar service available with quick lead-times, ask about our "EXPRESS SERVICE"